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Fetch the Netch
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Required Items
Netch Jelly
Quest Giver
Milore Ienth
Raven Rock
Potion of Ultimate Well-being
Quest Objectives


Speaking to the alchemist Milore Ienth reveals that she could use five rations of Netch Jelly.

Retrieve netch jelly for Milore Ienth[]

But where to find the Netch Jelly?

By killing netches. There are three of them in the Coldcinder Cave that can be accessed via The Bulwark Jail (open a grate in the cell's floor). In a Satchel in the south-western part of the cave. And finally on the west coast of Raven Rock, just south-west of Bloodskal Barrow another three netches. To name the more local places where the jelly can be found.

Bring the netch jelly to Milore Ienth[]

Once you have the required amount of netch jelly return to Milore Ienth and collect the reward.