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Fetch the Netch
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Required Items
Netch Jelly
Quest Giver
Milore Ienth
Raven Rock
Potion of Ultimate Well-being
Quest Objectives


Speaking to the alchemist Milore Ienth reveals that she could use five rations of Netch Jelly.

Retrieve netch jelly for Milore Ienth

But where to find the Netch Jelly?

By killing netches. There are three of them in the Coldcinder Cave that can be accessed via The Bulwark Jail (open a grate in the cell's floor). In a Satchel in the south-western part of the cave. And finally on the west coast of Raven Rock, just south-west of Bloodskal Barrow another three netches. To name the more local places where the jelly can be found.

Bring the netch jelly to Milore Ienth

Once you have the required amount of netch jelly return to Milore Ienth and collect the reward.