Find the source of the murders in Frostflow Lighthouse
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Quest Giver
Entering Frostflow Lighthouse
Frostflow Lighthouse
Sailor's Repose
Quest Objectives


This quest begins when the Dragonborn finds the body of Ramati inside Frostflow Lighthouse.

Find the source of the murders in Frostflow Lighthouse

Further investigation reveals a number of documents, including:

These all point to noises coming from the cellar, so it is off to the cellar, where the Dragonborn finds the entrance to an ice cave known as Frostflow Abyss which is full of Falmer and Chaurus.

Along the way, more human remains (the bodies of Mani and Sudi) and documents are found:

Eventually this leads to a Chaurus Reaper which was the original cause of the noises in the lighthouse cellar. Once the beast has been killed, the Dragonborn finds Habd's Remains. These must be brought back to the lighthouse and placed in the brazier on the roof.

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