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College of Winterhold
First Lessons
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Quest Giver
College of Winterhold
Membership of the College
Followed by
Under Saarthal
Quest Objectives

You have heard that the College of Winterhold is the place to go to learn magic. So you have journeyed to Winterhold in an attempt to gain entrance to the College.


Visit the College of Winterhold[]

After hearing of the College from any innkeeper or court wizard throughout Skyrim, you are given this quest. Alternatively, you may head straight to Winterhold and to the College. Once at the entrance, you will be stopped by Faralda. She will ask about the purpose of wanting to join the College and give you a test to see if you have enough talent to be admitted.

Cast a spell[]

Faralda will ask you to cast a spell from any one of the five schools of magic. The spell chosen is random and if you do not know the spell, she will sell you a book for the spell for 30 Gold.png. Just cast the spell once and speak with her again. If you do not have enough magicka for the spell, you can try to level up a few times until you do or reload a save because the spell is determined randomly when you speak to her.

Report to Mirabelle Ervine[]

Once you pass, follow Faralda into the College and she will introduce you to Mirabelle Ervine.

Tour the College of Winterhold[]

Mirabelle will now take you on a tour through the College and show you where you will be staying. Simply follow her as she gives you the tour. When she is done, she will tell you to attend your first lesson.

Listen to Tolfdir[]

Head into the Hall of Elements to find Tolfdir with three other students and listen to his lecture. Eventually the students will start grumbling about wanting practical lessons and Tolfdir will ask you to demonstrate a ward spell. If you do not know the spell, he will provide you with a Spell Tome for free. Just stand at the quest marker and cast a ward when Tolfdir is in position and he will cast a Firebolt at you.

After the demonstration is complete, the students are still not satisfied, so Tolfdir suggests an expedition to Saarthal and instructs all the students to meet him there.


The possible spells that you will be asked to cast are:


  • There is a bug where if you are attacked during the tour, Mirabelle will not continue the tour and her conversation options will be locked. This can be fixed by going straight to Tolfdir's lecture.