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Fort Greenwall

Fort Greenwall

Fort Greenwall is a fort located south of Shor's Stone. During the Civil War, it is a Stormcloak fort, but prior to that, the place is populated by bandits, and a few Frostbite Spiders.

Amenities: Blacksmith forge, workbench.


Fort Greenwall[]

Entering the main building:

Fort Greenwall Prison[]

  • Bed roll ×5 and bed.
  • Knapsack ~480; chest ~600 Gold.png value (L46).

Fort Greenwall Captain's Quarters[]

Greenwall Cave[]

Greenwall Cave is only accessible from the fort's exterior. There is one entrance inside the fort's walls, and one outside. The cave is a good source of Glowing Mushrooms (27). Underwater, there is a dead Imperial soldier, some mead bottles, a Letter, and a Chest ~210 Gold.png value (L46)..