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Fort Kastav

Fort Kastav

Fort Kastav is a fort located in north-west of the city of Windhelm, due east of Yorgrim Overlook. Inside the courtyard of the fort are an alchemy lab and a grindstone. Before and after the Civil War, the fort is inhabited by skeletons and hostile mages.


Fort Kastav Prison[]

In the prison are copies of The Yellow Book of Riddles and Gods and Worship.

Fort Kastav Captain's Quarters[]

In the Captain's Quarters, there are copies of Warrior, Scourge of the Gray Quarter, The Old Ways, two copies of The Firmament, and a bed. There is also a ladder leading out to the tower roof where there is an altar.


Items of Note[]


  • The Fort Kastav Prison Key can be found in two places on tables.
  • Chest ~430 Gold.png value (L42).
  • In the south-east corner of the prison, above a cell, hidden by webs: Garnet.