Fort Kastav


Fort Kastav is a fort located in north-west of the city of Windhelm, due east of Yorgrim Overlook. Inside the courtyard of the fort are an alchemy lab and a grindstone. Before and after the Civil War, the fort is inhabited by skeletons and hostile mages.


Fort Kastav Prison

In the prison are copies of The Yellow Book of Riddles and Gods and Worship.

Fort Kastav Captain's Quarters

In the Captain's Quarters, there are copies of Warrior, Scourge of the Gray Quarter, The Old Ways, two copies of The Firmament, and a bed. There is also a ladder leading out to the tower roof where there is an altar.


Items of Note


  • The Fort Kastav Prison Key can be found in two places on tables.
  • Chest ~430 Gold.png value (L42).
  • In the south-east corner of the prison, above a cell, hidden by webs: Garnet.
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