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Fort Neugrad

Fort Neugrad

Fort Neugrad is a fort located on a small lake south-east of Helgen. It is initially the home of a hostile mage named Brandish and some bandits. Later, during the Civil War, Imperial troops move in.

In the courtyard there is a workbench, a forge and an anvil. Inside the fort is a second grindstone as well as a second workbench, nine beds, as well as a copy of Jornibret's Last Dance.

From the top floor, there is a ladder leading to the top of a tower. Outside, there is a chest containing the Fort Neugrad Treasure Map.


Fort Neugrad Prison[]

This is where the Stormcloak prisoners are being held (only during the war). It can be access directly through the fort, or through a secret passage which begins underwater in the nearby lake.

Fort Neugrad Commander's Quarters[]

Inside the Commander's Quarter is an Imperial Missive and a copy of An Explorer's Guide to Skyrim.


Items of Note[]

  • Diving into the lake, just east of the small dock, lets the Dragonborn discover a sunken wooden boat: Chest ~1700 Gold.png value (L38).
  • North-east of castle and lake: Gold Ore Vein ×2.
  • East of castle, beyond lake, up mountain, lets you find the treasure mentioned in the Fort Neugrad Treasure Map: Chest ~580 Gold.png value (L38).