Fort Snowhawk

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Fort Snowhawk
Type Fort
Hold Hjaalmarch
Fort Snowhawk, rear approach

Fort Snowhawk is a fort located west of Morthal in the Hjaalmarch hold/region.

Places[edit | edit source]

The exterior is inhabited by Necromancers and their skeleton friends that surround the fort. While clearing may give you plenty of loot, it is not very valuable outside of loose gear. The upper level rampart near the rear of the fort contains an expert level chest, heavy armour users beware, you can get stuck.

Fort Snowhawk Keep[edit | edit source]

Pick any of the three doors to enter the fort. Locating the ground-level door to the south is easiest. Once inside the stairs will lead you to potions, return to the lower level to find a locked chest. Once you have reached the closed gate, push the button on the wall to continue. You can find an Alchemy Lab, Arcane Enchanter and a Grindstone once you reach the library. The library also contains a skill book (A Dance in Fire) and two Fort Snowhawk Quarters Keys that unlocks the central chamber.

Prison[edit | edit source]

Clear the area to reach the entrance to the Prison Tower in the northern courtyard. Beyond the main entry staircase there is a check located in a small nook, continue forward and search the holding cells for another chest. There is a small passage in the back of a cell that leads to a secret exit, beware of the bear traps on your way down.

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