Frostbite Spider

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Frostbite Spider
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Frostbite Venom

Frostbite Spiders are a species of venomous spider that live around Skyrim. They can be typically found making their homes deep underground in ruins or caves, but are also often found on surface in forested areas. Their webs can occasionally be solid and thick enough to bar passage, though they are still soft enough to be cut. Frostbite Spiders are a source of Frostbite Venom that can be applied to weapons.

The spiders will attack in groups and at range by spitting their venom which slowly lowers stamina at the aggressor before closing to range to use their forelegs. They come in two sizes, normal and giant. There is a spider called Nimhe that makes its lair outside the Dwarven ruins under Markarth.

They are vicious in groups and can use their poison, which slowly lowers stamina. Once killed, their poison can be taken from their corpse.

Large circular sacs can be found in their dens. In those sacs are Spider Eggs, which are alchemical ingredients.

Variations[edit | edit source]

  • Frostbite Spider — Basic type.
  • Giant Frostbite Spider — A larger and tougher type.
  • Wounded Frostbite Spider — One particular Giant Frostbite Spider

Special Spiders[edit | edit source]