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Camps on the Tundra or Plains
Giant's Toe

Giants are found in the tundra area among mammoths. They herd mammoths and if the player attacks one of their mammoths, they will attack him. In most circumstances, giants can be aggressive. Upon approaching an agitated giant, it will raise its club as a warning. If the player advances further, the giant will attack and will instantly kill a level 10 player, often launching them far into the sky. Much like mammoths, giants are extremely powerful and should be avoided by all novice players. Also, like mammoths, they will shake the ground while running, which makes it easier for the player to recognize that they are being chased. These monsters hold the strongest weapon known in Skyrim, you can not pick up this weapon after killing the giant.


One tip for killing giants easily, is to search out the terrain around you for a high standing rock or building you can stand in (Western Watchtower for Whiterun). From these locations, you can simply shoot arrows or cast spells at the giant/mammoth while completely safe from them. However, depending on the location, the giant will continue to target you while you attack him, or will turn around and start to walk away, causing you to leave your safe spot and getting the giant to re-target you. They can also throw you high into the air with a subsequent fatal landing.

Another tip is to use Frostbite, a Novice Destruction Spell. This lowers the stamina of giants and prevent it from running. However Frostbite will only deal a very small amount of damage, so you will need a damage support. It can be a companion who uses a ranged weapon/spell for if they use melee, the giant may change target and instantly kill him/her. Either you remove all melee weapons from your companion and replace them with bow and arrows or hire a Mage like Marcurio found in The Bee and Barb in Riften. Summoned atronachs are very effective against them too. You can kill a giant almost too easily if you are a higher level Destruction Mage, for you can also use an Ice Spike or Ice Storm which deals a high amount of damage to them.

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