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Glory of the Dead
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Purity of Revenge
Ysgramor's Tomb
Ysgramor's Shield
Quest Objectives

The Silver Hand is done for. The Companions have had their revenge. Now all there is left to do is mourn the passing of Kodlak Whitemane, respected Harbinger and mentor to many.

Note: A follower can join the Dragonborn again.


When you arrive back in Whiterun you should have gotten this quest immediately and the previous quest completed.

Attend Kodlak's funeral[]

Simply make your way to the Skyforge, listen to the NPCs speak and set the pyre alight. After the attendees break up, Eorlund will approach and tell you to get the last Fragment of Wuuthrad from Kodlak's quarters so he can prepare them for mounting.

Retrieve Kodlak's fragment[]

Enter Jorrvaskr and walk over to Kodlak's quarters on the lower level. You will find the fragment along with Kodlak's Journal in the end table on the right of the bed. Take it and return to Eorlund.

Give the fragment to Eorlund[]

Once you give the fragment to Eorlund, you will be told that the Circle is having a meeting and you are to attend. So go down into the Underforge.

Note: This is the first time a follower can actually enter the Underforge.

Attend the meeting of the Circle[]

Once in the Underforge take your place at the basin. Listen to the rest of the Circle argue about Kodlak, the Silver Hand, and their present situation. Eventually, as they are reaching an agreement, Eorlund will burst in with the reforged Wuuthrad. The rest of the Circle then agrees to go to Ysgramor's Tomb to cure Kodlak's spirit. So head on to the place.

Go to Ysgramor's Tomb[]

Ysgramor's Tomb is located just west of the College of Winterhold. The rest of the Circle will already be waiting for you inside.

Return Wuuthrad to Ysgramor[]

Listen to them speak for a while and one of them will tell you that they need to return Wuuthrad to Ysgramor in order to continue. Walk up to the statue of Ysgramor in the middle of the room and activate it to place the axe in its hands. A door right behind the statue will then open so head inside the dungeon. Vilkas does not feel worthy of following into the tomb, and stays behind.

Get to the Burial Chamber[]

You now make your way to the Burial Chamber accompanied by Aela and Farkas (and interestingly also a follower, if you like). Go down the spider webbed corridor and be attacked by a Skeever. You will arrive in a room with coffins propped up on either side. Two Companion Ghosts will spawn from the coffins so take care of them and open the door on the far side. You will now be in a large room filled with shallow water.

Four Companion Ghosts should now spawn. Two from the coffins at the other side of the room (one will be an archer), one from the coffin in the middle, and one more from a coffin to the right (not visible). Kill them off and loot the room. Exit to the left and go down the stairs until you get to another large water-filled room. Four more Companion Ghosts will spawn. Two at the far end of the room (archers) and two more on the left side of the room. Dispatch them and exit through the far side of the room.

At this point, Farkas will admit to having arachnophobia after Dustman's Cairn and says that he will return to accompany Vilkas. So from here on out, it is just you and Aela. To your left, there will be a doorway blocked by a thick layer of spider webs. On the other side, is a roomful of Frostbite Spiders. Cut through the webbing and kill the spiders on the other side, there are four of them. Enter the room and turn left and you will come to another webbed doorway. In the next room, there are two Frostbite Spiders, but a Giant Frostbite Spider will descend from the ceiling once you enter.

When the spiders are dead, there will be a barred door on the right. Head to the door and pull the chain on the left to continue. Down some stairs there is a crypt, three Companion Ghosts will spawn here. Then head down some stairs to your left. At the bottom turn right and three more Companion Ghosts will spawn in front. When they are done with, head to the end of the room (where two of the ghosts spawned) and turn right.

Up some stairs will be an iron door. Open it and head down the large corridor to a lever at the end. Pull it and it will open up a door in the middle of the left wall. Enter a large chamber where three Companion Ghosts will spawn. When they are dealt with, head up the flight of steps at the end of the room to the Burial Chamber.

Speak to Kodlak[]

Once you reach the Burial Chamber, the spirit of Kodlak will be waiting for you behind a brazier filled with blue fire. Speak with him and he will eventually tell you to throw a Glenmoril Witch Head into the fire.

Throw witch head into the fire[]

Just go up to the fire and activate it. There will be a small puff of smoke and Kodlak will start convulsing.

Defeat the spirit of the beast[]

The moment you throw the head into the fire, the Spirit of the Beast will appear where Kodlak is. You can immediately begin attacking the Spirit the moment it appears and it will not attack you until Kodlak is done convulsing. Once you are done, speak to Kodlak again.

Note: It would be wise to stop short of killing the beast until this objective shows up just in case it breaks the quest.

Speak to Kodlak[]

Kodlak will thank you for freeing him from the beast and declare you the new Harbinger. After he disappears, Aela will talk to you. Once you are done, that is the end of the Companion quest line and new Radiant quests are unlocked.

Note: Aela, Ria, Njada and many of the other Companions now become available as followers.