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College of Winterhold
Good Intentions
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Hitting the Books
Quest Giver
Urag gro-Shub
Mage's Circlet
Followed by
Revealing the Unseen
Quest Objectives


Urag gro-Shub has identified the artefact recovered from Saarthal. It is the Eye of Magnus, but its use is still unclear. You are to bring this information to Tolfdir who is studying the artefact.

Speak with Tolfdir[]

Head to the Hall of Elements to find Tolfdir studying the Eye of Magnus there. Speak with him and tell him everything you have learned from Urag. He will ask you to follow him as he tells you what he has learned.

Listen to Tolfdir[]

Tolfdir will start pacing as he begins to tell you what little he has learned from studying the artefact. He does not recognise the markings and they do not correspond to any known language. He states that the Eye is radiating an incredible amount of magicka and that the Arch-Mage has sanctioned further study. At this point, you will be interrupted by Ancano.

Follow Ancano[]

Ancano will demand that you follow him because you have a visitor from the Psijic Order. Tolfdir will protest, but in the end he gives in and leaves. You can ask Ancano about the Psijic order if you wish. End the conversation and he will begin walking towards the Arch-Mage's Quarters. Follow him up and you will see the Arch-Mage speaking to a stranger.

Walk up to Quaranir who will cast some illusion freezing time so that no one can listen in on your conversation. He will warn you about the danger of the Eye and ask you to seek out the Augur of Dunlain for more information. When the conversation ends, let Ancano rage for a while before he storms out. Speak to the Arch-Mage and tell him about what was said and he will ask you to go ask Tolfdir for more information.

Actually quite a few members of the college can be questioned about Augur of Dunlain: Ancano irritably never heard of him, Savos Aren prefers to avoid the subject, Faralda points to Mirabelle for information, Colette Marence mentions an experiment gone badly wrong creating a ghost that haunts the college now, and that Tolfdir was around at the time when the accident happened.

Find the Augur of Dunlain[]

Tolfdir is not at all phased by bringing up the subject of Augur of Dunlain, and has not seen him in a long time. Augur had been a very gifted mage, but possessed by acquiring more power, ultimately leading to the accident. Tolfdir then mentions that the Augur is located in the Midden beneath the college, and tells the Dragonborn to pass along a greeting.

The trapdoor leading to the Midden is located to the left of the Hall of Elements (another one near the stair well in the Hall of Countenance). Go there and enter the Midden.

When you are in, head down the corridor to a room with three exits. The exit to the left will take you to the Hall of Countenance so ignore that for now. The exit in front will take you to a fork in the passage. While the exit to the right will take you straight where you want to go. So if you do not want to explore the area, you can jump down and head to the exit to the Midden Dark. There is a Draugr around but you can safely ignore it and run straight to the door.

Run down the passage and across the ice bridge. There is a chest on a ledge that can be reached by jumping down to the left the moment you enter the ice cave, but you will need to take the long way back up through some ice caves. There is a passage at the bottom (opposite the way back up to the bridge) that leads out into Skyrim.

<If you decide to skip the chest, ignore the following paragraph> Enter the stone passage behind you, if you are facing the chest. Inside there will be two Frostbite Spiders. Kill them and turn left. Go down the corridor until you are blocked by some webbing. Blast or cut the webbing to continue. Follow the passage to another, smaller ice cave and head up the stairs. There will be a room with a Daedric Relic and a table with some notes that explain the relic. Nothing can be done to it now so ignore it and continue on. You will enter a room with a pit to the left containing two skeletons which are easily dispatched. Head up the stairs and back to where the path rejoins the cave at the other end of the ice bridge.

Entering Midden Dark, go into the passage in front of you (or to the right if you went after the chest) and to stand before a door requiring a key. Augur of Dunlain will know about your coming and seeing you as worthy will unlock the door for the Dragonborn. Speak to the large glowing apparition in the middle of the circular room. Augur of Dunlain will tell you that a difficult and dangerous future awaits and that you need to find the Staff of Magnus. When you are done speaking, return to the Arch-Mage with the information.

Report to Savos Aren[]

Tell the Arch-Mage what the Augur told you and he will reward the Dragonborn with a Mage's Circlet and then send you to Mirabelle Ervine for the next quest: Revealing the Unseen.