Gratian Caerellius

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Gratian Caerellius
Raven Rock Mine
Bloodskal Blade

Gratian Caerellius is the great grandfather of ex-miner Crescius Caerellius, who is trying to prove that Gratian's death was no accident.

Gratian's skeleton is found in a large chamber, part of a Nord barrow connected to the Raven Rock Mine, in front of a half-circular ominous gate. Gratian's Journal, right next to the skeleton, tells the story of his last days, trapped in the chamber with his assistant Millius.

Clearly the East Empire Company did not want to risk any more people to save Gratian and Millius or take on the draugrs in the barrow, and would rather shut down the place than admit to abandoning Gratian. A huge mistake, since with the mine inoperable, Raven Rock has been suffering ever since.

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