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Grin and Bear It
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Required Items
10× Pelts; Bear Pelt, Cave Bear Pelt or Snow Bear Pelt
Quest Giver
Temba Wide-Arm
Random enchanted weapon
Quest Objectives


While in Ivarstead, the Dragonborn can speak with Temba Wide-Arm, the owner of the local sawmill who mentions that there is a real bear problem in the area and that she would happily pay for the pelts of the miserable creatures.

Gather 10 bear pelts for Temba Wide-Arms[]

She accepts any sort of bear pelt (regular Bear Pelts, Cave Bear Pelts or Snow Bear Pelts are all equally acceptable). The pelts can be acquired by killing bears or purchased or stolen.

Return to Temba Wide-Arms[]

Once the pelts have been gathered, the Dragonborn needs simply return to Ivarstead and collect the reward from Temba. If Temba is not at her mill, she is at the Vilemyr Inn.


  • Should the Dragonborn have collected more pelts than the 10 asked for, these will also be handed over, e.g. Bear Pelt ×9 + Cave Bear Pelt ×3 + Snow Bear Pelt ×3 might be removed from inventory. Not really in the interest of the Dragonborn.
  • Random enchanted weapon example: Iron War Axe of Dismay