Gyldenhul Barrow

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Gyldenhul Barrow
Gyldenhul Barrow Altar

Gyldenhul Barrow

Gyldenhul Barrow is a Nordic ruin located at the north-western end of Horker Island, just to the east of Skaal Village.

A dead Adventurer carries a Torn Note and a copy of Deathbrand on his body, and one of the two Stalhrim Deposits in the first chamber opens up a passage.

Even though the barrow can be unlocked, and with a Ancient Nordic Pickaxe a passage can be opened, the inner barrow requires a key, only available during the Deathbrand quest. This leads to a treasure chamber and Haknir Death-Brand.

Quests[edit | edit source]

Items of Note[edit | edit source]

Inside the treasure chamber: