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High Hrothgar


High Hrothgar is a fort located near the very top of the highest mountain in Skyrim, the Throat of the World. There are 7,000 steps from the beginning of the road up the mountain starting in the village of Ivarstead to reach this point. The famed mountain known as Snow-Throat. This is where the Greybeards live, as well as apparently where Shor created man.

Many travellers come to make pilgrimages to High Hrothgar, and leave gifts of sustenance for the legendary and revered Greybeards. They begin their quest at Ivarstead and travel the 7,000 steps, stopping at each of the ten shrines for meditation. There are dangers along the way: a variety of wolves, generally in packs, as well as the occasional Bear, Snow Bear, Frost Troll and Ice Wraiths.



Items of Note[]

During The Throat of the World quest, on the path up the mountain to the top: