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Highpoint Tower

Highpoint Tower, inner chamber

Highpoint Tower

Highpoint Tower is a fort located north of Fort Frostmoth and west of Tel Mithryn.

Initially the well-hidden gate on the western side of the tower is covered by sand, only after taking on Old Friends can the extensive complex be entered.

The maze of passages under the tower is the refuge of Ildari Sarothril and is infested with Ash Spawn (×13) summoned by her to protect the place. And along the way her journals — Ildari's Journal, vol. I (speculates about sparing Niyya), Ildari's Journal, vol. II and Ildari's Journal, vol. III (admits to killing Neloth's steward, and withering his home) — give insight into her thinking and why she wants revenge put upon Neloth.

Amenities: arcane enchanter ×2, alchemy lab, wood chopping block ×2, and a bed.


Only during Old Friends:


Items of Note[]

  • To the south-west of the fort: Heart Stone Deposit.
  • Through a window in the tower ruin at the top hill: Chest ~2600 Gold.png value (L72).

During Old Friends inside: