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Honningbrew Meadery

The Honningbrew Meadery: with the boilery (left) and the main building (right)


The Honningbrew Meadery, located to the south-east of Whiterun, is one of two meaderies in Skyrim, the other being the Black-Briar Meadery in Riften. Their main product is Honningbrew Mead. It is owned by Sabjorn.



Honningbrew Meadery[]

The main building where the proprietor Sabjorn sells a few things, mostly mead, from behind the counter. His personal quarters on the upper floor yield a few items of interest.

Honningbrew Basement[]

The basement and the connected underground cave system require a key from Sabjorn that only becomes available during Dampened Spirits. Infested with skeever, four frostbite spiders and a particularly nasty breed of Venomfang Skeevers, bred by a madman mage called Hamelyn carrying a personal journal on his body. A skeever nest and an alchemy lab can also be found down in the dank caves.

Honningbrew Boilery[]

The outbuilding containing the meadery's brewing vats requires another key and only becomes accessible during Dampened Spirits.


Items of Note[]

Sabjorn quarters:

Basement and caves: