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Horker Island


Horker Island is an island off the north-eastern coast of Solstheim, to the east of Skaal Village.

As the name suggests, the island is inhabited by horkers (×4) a named one, Lord Tusk, among them, and also features the entrance to the Gyldenhul Barrow on the north-west side of the island.

The dead bodies of Reavers (×4), and Saden next to Horksbane do not bode well for this place.

Items of Note[]

  • On the south-east side of the island, near an overturned boat Saden's Journal can be found, mentioning an ill-fated expedition from Japhet's Folly to this forsaken place.
  • On the east of the island, near a broken-in-half ship: East Empire Company Strongbox with East Empire Pendant and under water Chest ~1030 Gold.png value (L71).
  • Also on the eastern side of the island: Ebony Ore Vein, up the hill, westward: Chest ~2520 Gold.png value (L71).
  • At the north-east end of the island a bloody Chest ~2170 Gold.png value (L71).


  • There is a small island to the east, but it cannot be reached.