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Ill Met by Moonlight
Quest Giver
Mathies or Sinding
Ring of Hircine or
Savior's Hide
Quest Objectives


Speak to Mathies at the graveyards in Falkreath.

Speak to Sinding in Jail[]

In the Falkreath guard barracks; make sure that after speaking to him that you witness him escape from his cell before leaving the building.

Kill the White Stag[]

The White Stag can be found south of Pinewatch in an unmarked clearing. Successfully killing the Stag will cause a ghostly manifestation of Hircine to appear. He will not be pleased with what he views as Sinding's betrayal, and will require that the Dragonborn hunt down the werewolf in Bloated Man's Grotto and tear the skin from his body. He also mentions that the Dragonborn should hurry, as other hunters are also vying for his favour in this matter.

Join the Hunt[]

Inside Bloated Man's Grotto, the Dragonborn finds a mortally wounded Khajiit hunter, J'Keir, by a campfire. Near him are three other hunters, already dead. They are:

Speak to Sinding[]

Further in, the Dragonborn encounters Sinding himself. The werewolf is not initially hostile and asks the Dragonborn for assistance. The Dragonborn must then choose between helping the werewolf against the hunters pursuing him or fulfilling Hircine's request to kill him.

Option 1: Kill Sinding[]

If the Dragonborn chooses to kill the werewolf, he/she must chase him through the grotto as he cuts his way through the other hunters. Once he is dead, there is an option to skin him, which causes an aspect of Hircine to appear and grant the Dragonborn the Savior's Hide as a reward.

Option 2: Kill the Hunters[]

If the Dragonborn chooses to help the werewolf, further inside the grotto are some other hunters who are still after him. They include:

They must all be defeated but Sinding is very helpful and once all the hunters are dead, he thanks the Dragonborn for helping him.

The Dragonborn must then exit the grotto. At this point an aspect of Hircine will appear and unexpectedly seem pleased with the outcome of the hunt, despite the fact that Sinding is not dead. In this case, Hircine rewards the Dragonborn with an uncursed version of the Ring of Hircine.

Note: There is a bug/exploit which allows you to get both the hide and ring. If you join the hunt and kill every hunter then kill Sinding, then Hircine will come and give you Savior's Hide. You can then go back outside at which point Hircine will be in Elf form and will give you the ring.