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The Imperial City, sometimes called "Cyrodiil City", is the capital of Cyrodiil and the seat of power of the Empire. It was built on the foundation of an Ayleid fortress known as the Temple of the Ancestors.

It is built entirely of stone, in a circular pattern on a river island, with bridges providing access to each of four quarters; two of the bridges lead to exterior sections of the city, the Imperial City Dungeon and the former headquarters of the Mage's Guild, the Arcane University. One quarter is dedicated to the famous (or infamous) Arena, another is the Elven Quarter. There is also the Merchant's Quarter and the Temple Quarter.

The centre of the city contains an exclusive cemetery as well as the White-Gold Tower, where the Thalmor concordat of the same name was signed. This tower is the seat of the government of the city as well as the Empire, as well as a library that contains the majority of known Elder Scrolls.

There is an extensive sewer system as well as an ubiquitous Imperial Legion presence throughout the city, with guardhouses in each quarter.

The Imperial City has been the site of many battles, including the one between Mehrunes Dagon and a metamorphised Martin Septim in the Temple at the end of the Third Era and the final battle of the Great War that ended in the signing of the White-Gold Concordat.