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Irkngthand is a large Dwemer ruin located west of Windhelm and south of Lake Yorgrim. There is an open area outside the ruin proper with a cooking spit, and several bandits.

Note: The ruins only become accessible during Blindsighted, and a follower cannot enter the ruins.


The ruins are infested by Dwarven Spheres (×6), Dwarven Spiders (×4), levelled Falmer (×28), Chaurus Hunters (×3), skeevers (×4) and Frostbite Spiders (×3).

Irkngthand Arcanex[]

Soon evidence of Mercer Frey's handiwork becomes evident: five slaughtered bandits in a small bed rolls (×3) camp. This area has an alchemy lab and a lift which leads to the Irkngthand Grand Cavern.

Irkngthand Grand Cavern[]

This area is where the Dragonborn meets up with Karliah and Brynjolf. It contains a Dwarven Centurion Master that can be activated to attack the Falmer in the chamber. Another chamber gate requires flipping two switches under a time limit to open, so some sprinting is required.

Irkngthand Slave Pens[]

A Thief skeleton on a torture wrack with a note Thief's Last Words can be found here. This area contains some Chaurus reapers and a lot of Chaurus egg sacks.

Irkngthand Sanctuary[]

This is where the Dragonborn finally catches up with Mercer Frey. Once the water has risen in the chamber it exits to the Bronze Water Cave.

Items of Note[]

Outside area:



  • Potions ×3 and chest ~880; Dwemer chests ~1880, ~100, ~1280, ~1220, ~610 Gold.png value (L67).

Grand Cavern:

Slave Pens: