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It's All In The Taste
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Quest Giver
Geldis Sadri
The Retching Netch, Raven Rock
Gold.png scaled to level
e.g. 2000 Gold.png at L70
Quest Objectives


A quick chat with Geldis Sadri at his The Retching Netch reveals that he could use some help making his special drink, Sadri's Sujamma, more popular by distributing free samples to the locals.

Distribute Sadri's Sujamma[]

The Dragonborn is given 10 bottles of Sadri's Sujamma and now needs to find ten different recipients for the brew.

Not all residents are excited about the promotion and decline the offer. After all, there are 13 residents who will accept the tasting. The Earth Stone needs to be cleansed bofore you can offer the tasting to Bralsa Drel and Rirns Llervu.

Character Reaction Comment
Adril Arano rejects What? Oh. No thank you. I need to keep my head clear.
Aphia Velothi accepts Well that sounds lovely. Thank you.
Bralsa Drel 1) accepts The day I refuse sujamma from Geldis is the day I sprout wings and fly off of this rock.
Cindiri Arano accepts Oh, how kind. Thank Geldis for me, won't you?
Crescius Caerellius accepts Hmph, he's begging for patrons again, eh? Well, I suppose I could have just a bit.
Dreyla Alor accepts At least my father will let me drink whatever I want without complaining. Tell Geldis I appreciate it.
Drovas Relvi rejects Sorry, Geldis won't allow me to drink while I'm working at the Netch.
Fethis Alor accepts Geldis needs to bottle this up and send it to the mainland instead of wasting his time out here... his drinks are outstanding. Thanks.
Galdrus Hlervu rejects Get that vile liquid away from me!
Garyn Ienth accepts Always a pleasure to taste anything Geldis comes up with.
Gjalund Salt-Sage accepts There's nothing finer than dark elf sujamma... like nectar it is.
Glover Mallory accepts Perfect! I was just thinking about heading over for a drink. Thanks for saving me the trip.
Lleril Morvayn accepts Good old Geldis is always managing to keep our spirits up... and our eyesight hazy. Thank you.
Milore Ienth accepts I should mix some of this into my next potion... who knows what would happen!
Mirri Severin accepts Well, tell Geldis that Mirri says she really appreciates it.
Mogrul rejects Take that swill and pour it down a well.
Ralis Sedarys rejects Sorry, never touch the stuff.
Rirns Llervu 1) rejects No! I can't! It may be poison!
Tilisu Severin accepts Sure, got nothing better to do.
Vendil Severin rejects Not today, too many things on my mind.
^ 1) The dialogue with the offer of the tasting is only possible after the Earth Stone has been cleansed.

Tell Geldis Sadri you've distributed his liquor samples[]

Having distributed the 10 bottles, return to Geldis and collect the quite substantial reward.