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Kilkreath Temple entrance


Kilkreath Ruins is a Nordic ruin located beneath the Statue to Meridia. All the visible doors are locked until the quest The Break of Dawn is undertaken.


Kilkreath Temple[]

Just underneath the Statue to Meridia the Dragonborn enters the temple complex. Strewn all over the place are Desecrated Corpses (×14, yield 20 to 125 Gold.png each) and Corrupted Shades (×8) attack, trying to keep the Dragonborn from activating the pedestals (×3) that guide the beacon of Meridia from chamber to chamber. Heavy doors deeper into the complex only unlock when this chain of light is activated. A arcane enchanter is located here as well.

Kilkreath Balcony[]

Exiting the temple the Dragonborn makes it out onto the balcony. Part of the complex, difficult to access (and locked) when freely exploring, that is visible from the road below and from the Statue to Meridia. Connects to the ruins.

Kilkreath Ruins[]

Three more pedestals need to be activated in this very large chamber. More desecrated corpses (×14), and corrupted shades (×8) await. Pedestal by pedestal unlock doors to passages around the central room until the top-most pedestal is reached, unlocking the door to the catacombs.

Kilkreath Catacombs[]

Just one more pedestal to activate, and more desecrated corpses (×20), and corrupted shades (×5) await until the face off with Malkoran, to collect Dawnbreaker.

Items of Note[]


  • Potions ×1, Mushrooms ×2, chests ~670, ~140, ~340; urns ~180, ~150, ~110 Gold.png value (L53).
  • At the second pedestal switch in the temple, in the north of the room, on the upper floor wall there is a hole that lets the Dragonborn access a few items, but only by using Telekinesis, this yields: a Potion of Extended Invisibility and a Potent Lingering Poison.


  • Chest ~3020 Gold.png value (L53).



  • Potions ×5, burial urns ~160, ~180, ~110 Gold.png value (L53).


  • The entrance to Sky Haven Temple is also located in a cave which is labelled "Kilkreath Ruins" inside (outside it is labelled "The Karthspire"), but this cave is far to the south-west, of the ruins beneath the Statue to Meridia.