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Clan Volkihar
Kindred Judgement
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Touching the Sky
Quest Giver
Volkihar Keep
Castle Volkihar (only for the Vampire faction)
Quest Objectives


After finally having found and retrieved Auriel's Bow from the Forgotten Vale the Dragonborn needs to decide what to do next.

Speak to Serana[]

Serena will suggest to return to Castle Volkihar and confront her father Lord Harkon.

Speak to Isran or Confront Harkon with Auriel's Bow[]

Dawnguard side: Isran will rally all the Dawnguard for the final decisive battle against the vampires. The troops collect at the bridge to Castle Volkihar, fighting off the vampires outside and slaying all of them inside as well.

Vampire side: At the keep Harkon will demand Auriel's Bow. Even when handing it over, Harkon will betray the Dragonborn and attack. So keeping and using it against Harkon is the best option.

Confront Harkon with Auriel's Bow[]

Use Auriel's Bow with Sunhallowed Elven Arrows and confront Lord Harkon.

Slay Harkon[]

Defeat Lord Harkon.

Dawnguard side: After the fight Isran will commend the Dragonborn for defeating Harkon, and that this is a new beginning for the Dawnguard.

Vampire side: After the fight Garan Marethi will commend the Dragonborn for defeating Harkon, and that this is a new beginning for the Volkihar vampires.

This completes the Dawnguard quest line.


Should the Dragonborn have sided with the Dawnguard, having morally supported the initially distraught Serana throughout the whole quest line, a dialogue option becomes available, asking her if she would consider revoking the vampire gift and turn into a normal human again. She may agree, but it will take some time. After several Radiant quests at Fort Dawnguard Serana will show up again, now a human.

In any case Serana continues to be available as a powerful follower who cannot die.