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The Level of the Dragonborn defines not only what kind of progress a player can make, e.g. how many of the Skills can be learned. The Level also pretty much defines how the game micro-manages the player experience, e.g. how difficult the opponents end up being, or what "quality" of loot can be found in the randomized content of treasure chests, knapsacks, urns, and burial urns.

Level notation for Chests[]

Since the content of treasure chests is randomized, it does not make sense to explicitly list their contents, but if you sum up the value of these chests in Gold.png value and mention the level at which you collected the loot, this can help to give you a feeling how "valuable" a certain chest is in relation to the many others.

To quickly denote this, a short cut will be used, e.g.:

Chest ~950 Gold.png value (L32).

Meaning the Dragonborn was at player level 32 at that point in time, and the contents of the chest was approximately worth 950 Gold.png in total.

Note: To avoid mentioning too many chests and other loot that is trivial, only if the combined gold value exceeds 100 Gold.png will they be mentioned.