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Leyawiin is a city in south-eastern Cyrodiil, near Blackmarsh and Elsweyr. It has somewhat more primitive architecture than most cities in Cyrodiil, with houses generally built from wood, although they can be very ornate and compare quite well with the stone buildings even in Skingrad, at their best. The castle however is built from typical stone masonry.

Leyawiin, by the end of the Third Era, contained many of the typical amenities of cities in the Imperial Province, including a Fighters Guild, a Mages Guild, a cathedral, general stores and an armourer, as well as several inns.

Leyawiin also, controversially, hosted the only known headquarters of the Blackwood Company, which was a mercenary company somewhat similar to the Fighters Guild but running in direct competition to it. It was known to take absolutely any kind of job whatsoever, with no moral qualms, allowed criminals in its ranks (unlike the Fighters Guild) and was later known to administer a performance-enhancing psychotropic drug to its members. This drug was derived from a Hist Tree that came from Blackmarsh.

The city also featured one of Cyrodiil's three known book stores; in the case of this book store, it was owned and operated by an Orc, which was considered a tremendous oddity by all citizenry, particularly other Orcs. This caused the proprietor to acquire a rather belligerent reputation as he enjoyed being a bookseller and was one of several Orcs in the Imperial Province trying to develop a culture for their people on par with that of other races in the Empire.