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Liar's Retreat

Liar's Retreat

Liar's Retreat is a bandit tavern located in a cave in the hills south-west of Dragon Bridge. Not far away towards the river is the Reach Stormcloak Camp.

At some point in the recent past, the bandits appear to have decided to expand the premises and broke through a stone wall into an area occupied by Falmer (×14). The Falmer were the victors in that encounter and either killed or took prisoner all but one bandit who was barricaded in a room off the main hall.

In the Falmer area, there are also three Corundum Ore Veins.

Items of Note[]

  • Mushrooms ×75, poisons ×3, potions ×13, books ×16, many Chaurus Eggs.
  • Beds ×7, Nordic War Axe, and chests ~210, ~210, Falmer chests ~160, ~1250 Gold.png value (L50).
  • Attached to the side of the table on which Rahd lies: The Longhammer.


  • There appears to be no way to rescue the bandits, they turn on the Dragonborn as soon as the threat of Falmers is removed.
  • When leaving the lair, more bandits enter, and the bandit chief explicitly mentions Rahd's Longhammer. A reminder to the Dragonborn that this hammer exists.