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Locate Valdr's hunting party
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Required Items
Health Potion
Quest Giver
Moss Mother Cavern
Valdr's Lucky Dagger
Quest Objectives


This objective appears in the Quest Journal when the Dragonborn finds Valdr, a wounded hunter outside Moss Mother Cavern and speaks with him. Valdr then explains that he and his fellow hunters, Ari and Niels were attacked by spriggans and that only he managed to escape, but he needs some immediate attention or he will die from the injuries.

Once the Dragonborn has given him a healing potion, Valdr explains that he wants to avenge the deaths of his friends and offers to accompany the Dragonborn back inside the cave. The Dragonborn then has the option to accept the hunter's help or to go in alone.

Locate Valdr's hunting party[]

After finding the bodies of Ari and Niels, and killing the spriggans and their companion animals, the Dragonborn can then speak with Valdr and receive a reward, an enchanted steel dagger.