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Lycanthropy is a disease that allows the player to become a werewolf.


There are two ways to acquire Lycanthropy in game:

  1. Drink the blood of a person inflicted with Lycanthropy as part of The Companions quest line
  2. Be attacked by a werewolf — you would need to keep healing yourself or turn the difficulty down so as not to die.


Unlike Vampirism, NPCs do not react to you adversely when in normal form and you do not have to keep feeding on people to stay normal. You can only turn into a werewolf once a day. However, the Ring of Hircine that is obtained from the quest Ill Met by Moonlight allows you to transform as often as you like as long as it is equipped.

Transformation lasts for 2 minutes and 30 seconds. You can extend the time by 30 seconds for every corpse/carcass you feed on. While transformed, you are unable to communicate with anyone and should you transform within a city and are noticed, you will be given a bounty (1000 Gold.png). Sometimes people may flee from you (includes your Companions) while others might try to take you on and attack you on sight.

You may only have either lycanthropy or vampirism.


  • Strength increases — 80 damage per claw at level 45
  • Toughness increases — +100 health and stamina
  • Attacks with claws use no stamina
  • Can sprint faster than a horse
  • Wolves become non-hostile
  • Crimes cannot be traced back to your normal form
  • 100% immune to diseases


  • Unable to loot
  • Vulnerable to silver and Daedric weapons
  • Cannot interact with items (picking up, using, picking locks, opening certain doors)
  • Cannot use equipment
  • Cannot open character menu
  • Cannot use normal skills, Shouts or items
  • Can be blocked by narrow passages
  • Cannot regenerate health — health restored by feeding
  • Cannot obtain rested bonus


In order to cure lycanthropy, you need to go to Ysgramor's Tomb with a head from a Glenmoril Witch and go to the brazier at the end. Once you do, toss the head into the blue flames and defeat the Spirit of the Beast that appears.

Warning: Once lycanthropy is cured, it is permanent and you cannot contract it again.

Update: If you have installed the Dawnguard DLC, this is no longer the case; Aela the Huntress, for example, will restore the gift if asked, after chiding the player for being 'fickle'.


  • Beast Form — Allows transformation into a werewolf.
  • Howl of Rage (default) — Causes foes under level 25 to flee.
  • Scent of Blood — Replaces Howl of Rage, detect life in a large radius for 60 seconds.
  • Howl of the Pack — Replaces Howl of Rage, summons two wolves to fight for you.

The latter three abilities are only obtainable after obtaining Totems of Hircine for Aela. You may only have one of the latter three at any given time. They can be changed by worshipping at the relevant Werewolf Totem in the Underforge.