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Mage is a broad class of player and NPC. While a player cannot choose to specifically be a mage in the game, they can specialise in the use of magic as their primary weapon making them essentially a mage, although conventional weapons and combat skills are still available to them.

Mages can use:

Types of mages[]

  • Battlemage – someone who uses a melee weapon and magic at the same time. Battlemages tend to wear heavy armor rather than robes.
  • Conjurer – some who specialises in Conjuration magic which involves summoning of familiars or atronachs and reanimating the dead.
  • Wizard - a mage who uses all kinds of magic in conjunction, for instance using stoneflesh to increase armor taking out harder or more damaging enemies with illusion spells and taking down enemies with destruction spells, all the while aided by a atronach, these kinds of mages generally should use items like Archmage's Robes and Vokun.

These various classes of mages harken back to earlier Elder Scrolls games, where there were vastly more defined character classes; there was also the Spellsword class, which was more magic-dependent than the Battlemage class.

Mage NPCs[]

Mage NPCs come in a number of varieties:

  • Conjurers – ranked from Novice to Arch
  • Cryomancers or Ice mages – ranked from Novice to Arch
  • Electromancers or Storm mages – ranked from Novice to Arch
  • Necromancers – ranked from Novice to Arch
  • Pyromancers or Fire mages – ranked from Novice to Arch
  • Hags and witches – female mages who can wield fire, frost or shock spells