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65 points of physical damage
Mammoth Tusk
Mammoth Snout

Mammoth is a monster within the game Skyrim. They are relatively non-hostile creatures which can be killed, but they are also quite territorial and easily provoked. They are herded and protected by Giants. They're usually in groups of 2 to 3, which can easily kill the player in 2-3 hits. Usually accompanied by giants aggro table, the player needs to be aware what else enemies are nearby. When going up against one don't walk too close to them unless you are sneaking, because their first attack, if you get close enough, will be a stomp. This stomp will drain all of the players stamina, and 75% of their total health. These creatures have extremely high health and should not be attacked by low level characters. Novice hunters should attack other non- hostiles like rams, elk, and foxes.

The easiest method of slaying a Mammoth is to attack it with arrows and continue to attack whilst standing in water or on the other side of a stream. The Mammoth will not cross the stream or enter the water. Just make sure there are no Giants protecting the selected Mammoth.

Many players find mammoths to be an excellent source of grand soul gems, as they are almost certainly the most commonly occurring creature with a soul of this size. As your level increases, they become much easier to kill.

Here is a video of a mammoth being killed

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