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Getting Married!

Your character can get married in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Here is a list of potential partners.

To get married:

  • Go to the Temple of Mara in Riften.
  • Talk to Maramal the main priest and you'll be able to buy an Amulet of Mara for 200 gold. Or you can do the quest provided by one of the other priests and obtain the amulet that way if you're a little short on coin. (Certain NPC's will comment your amulet when you wear it and if interested, they will marry you.)
  • Choose the one you want to marry then talk to the priest and it's settled.
  • You can either both move in at your place or her/his place assuming he/she has a place to live in. (You can change where you live at any time if you buy a new house or want to pick one of many.)

Now you got yourself a housewife (or husband)! Good things about having a spouse in Skyrim:

  • They cook a decent meal for you once a day which adds bonuses to health and stamina regeneration.*
  • They open a shop which you can collect from and sell/buy from.
  • Also if you marry a quest giver, like one from the companions you won't have to run over there each time to take a new quest you can take it straight from your house! These ones will also follow you if you complete the companions quests. I'm not sure if a normal partner will follow you if desired.

Forced Marriage[]

This section applies to the PC version of the game only.

You can also force marriage with nearly any NPC of your choice. This can sometimes cause problems with storylines/quests due to the fact that it is modifying characters who otherwise aren't available for this faction. This is done by going into coding mode using `/~ button, selecting your target NPC (hopefully in front of you by now), and typing

setrelationshiprank player 4

then typing

addfac 19809 1

to add them to the faction. Setting the relationship rank makes the NPC "interested" and addfac adds the marriage faction to your dialogue options.

This has been confirmed by many players. Some have stated that not all NPCs have the dialogue to support this mod, however it has often worked. Make sure all quests are complete with the NPC before attempting, just in case.

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