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Mistwatch is a fort located in due east of Darkwater Crossing. The fort is occupied by a gang of bandits and their leader. Inside the fort are an alchemy lab, a cooking pot and Keening (one possible location), a magical dagger.


Mistwatch Courtyard[]

The courtyard is the first area within the walls of the fortress.

Mistwatch north Tower[]

This is where the Dragonborn meets Christer, a Nord who is searching for his wife. It is also where the alchemy lab is situated.

Mistwatch Lower Balcony[]

This is where the cooking pot is located.

Mistwatch west Tower[]

This is where the Dragonborn can find a note on a table which describes the fate of a female prisoner.

Mistwatch Higher Balcony[]

The higher balcony serves only to get from the west Tower to the east Tower.

Mistwatch east Tower[]

This is one of the possible locations where the Dragonborn can find Keening in the remains of a dead courier in one of the cells. It is also where the Dragonborn finds Fjola.


Items of Note[]

North Tower:

Higher Balcony:

East Tower: