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These are Skyrim modifications that have been written by players, and made available through Curse and SkyrimForge. Skyrim modification developers use the officially released Creation Kit to assist in development.

Mod Name Author Description License Links
DorkDiva elf eye pack DorkDiva This replaces the elf eye textures with slit pupil varieties, more will be available upon release of the CK Public Domain
Display Time on Loading Screen KenneyWings Display analog and digital clock of computer time on loading screens, you can change options (showAnalog, twelveHourClock, showLevelProgressPercentage, showHints, showLevelProgress and showTime). All Rights Reserved
Skyrim Better Performance meritus335 This .dll will make your game run like Oblivion. You runned oblivion on max settings? and Skyrim only on High or Medium with lags? This file is for you! You can jump from Medium to Ultra in less than 1 minute! All Rights Reserved
chris2012s hq texture pack whiterun wip Deckardcain85 This is a high-quality texturing mod (currently for whiterun). As you can see in the comparison pictures, i try to keep the same feel to the textures while having actual quality instead of bluriness. Some are actually redrawn at 4 times the resolution of the original file. All Rights Reserved
Nude Females Thepal This mod removes the underwear from female characters, and adds what should be under the underwear. Just extract into the Data folder of the Skyrim installation.
Antiallias and sharpen effect klotim The sharpen effect is applied by default. All Rights Reserved
Skip intro in new game Ant1dotE Fed up with wasting 6 minutes of bla-bla-bla when want to start from scratch?

Here is solution: savegame right before appearance selection.

As is
I Wash - New Skin for Skyrim Aed3 Gets rid of 90% of the dirt, moles, zits, bruises, insects, and ingrown hairs on all male characters in the game. All Rights Reserved
Loading Game KenneyWings Play a game while loading a game! This is obviously not for people with SSD drives or super fast computers, but while travelling through Skyrim you'll encounter lots of loading screens. This will make loading a little more fun! Use spacebar to start and shoot, arrow keys to move. No gamepad support yet! All Rights Reserved
Lockpick Pro KenneyWings This mod adds a bar at the top of the screen while picking a lock which shows you the 'sweet spot' of the lock. It also shows the health of the current lockpick. All Rights Reserved
Skip Bethesda Intro KenneyWings Completely skips Bethesda intro at start of game! Public Domain
Alternate Skyrim Cursors KenneyWings Replaces the default Skyrim Cursors All Rights Reserved
Magic/items left-right hand KRipe Mod to assign magic or item to left/right hand. mod created by eliotcougar
Nude Females - Barbie Doll Thepal This mod removes the underwear. You will look like a barbie doll (no nipples or other parts).
Dragonscale Armor Set Recolor - 4 Sets nickoli002 Adds Red, Blue, Dark Emerald, and White versions of Dragonscale Armor. All Rights Reserved
Glass Weapon Set Recolor WIP nickoli002 Adds Orange, Obsidian, Emerald, and Magma colors. All Rights Reserved
Hairier Chest - clean or dirty skin MysticBinary82 Improved chest hair textures based on the original. - Clean and dirty versions included. - 3 Patterns GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3)
Creature & NPC Control Mod+ Via-AHK Cisus AutoHotKey script to allow you to control NPCs with follow, attack, invnetory, and wait commands via F-keys. All Rights Reserved
Vivid Eyes Sephiex Mod to replace human eye textures to make them more vivid and appealing. All Rights Reserved
Light Ebony Full Retex - TCS TrueChaos137 Retextures Ebony armor and weapons to have a much lighter, silvery-steel look. All Rights Reserved
Glass Weapons - Obsidian nickoli002 Retextures glass weapons to an Obsidian colour. All Rights Reserved
No Spider Webs justinms66 Spider webs removed or replaced with moss. All Rights Reserved
Draugr Shouts Dragten Replaces Unrelenting Force and Ice From shouts with the voice of the Draugr. Public Domain
No More Blocky Faces Xenius01 Removes blocky look to eyelids, ears, and lips from non-beast races. Permission Required
Detailed Faces v2 Xenius01 More detailed skin and lip textures for non-beast races. Permission Required
Detailed Bodies Xenius01 More detailed bodies for non-beast races made with a seamless human skin texture and less dirt - Made to match Detailed Faces. Permission Required
High Quality Eyes Xenius01 Replaces every eye for all genders (except for the black Demon eyes) to more intense and vivid versions. Permission Required
Detailed Lips Xenius01 New lip tint maps at a higher resolution and less blurry than the originals. Permission Required
Arrowsmith - Simple Fletching Samutz Allows you to craft arrows in bundles of 50. All arrow recipes appaer in the Misc section while at a forge. GNU General Public License version 2 (GPLv2)
Better Beast Races Xenius01 This mod gets rid of the angular shapes of the beast races (Argonian & Khajiit). The following object space normal maps will be replaced: head, mouth, hands, body. Permission Required
ReAL Water - insane0h hiRES water replacement insaneoh Realistic water texture replacement. All Rights Reserved
Killable Children xylozi Makes all children in Skyrim non-essential, thus allowing them to be killed. All Rights Reserved
Byz Nightingale Recolor - Male and Female Byzanthium This mod is a recolor of the Nightingale Armor using a soft white for hightlights and a variety of red, blue, or green for smaller areas on the armor. All Rights Reserved
Craftable Lockpicks HCD Allows lockpicks to be crafted at the blacksmith's forge. Under "Misc". All Rights Reserved
Toggle Khajit Night Eye HCD Increases the duration of the Night Eye power. All Rights Reserved
Longer Candlelight Spell HCD Increases the duration of the Candlelight spell. All Rights Reserved
Toggle Vampire Sight HCD Increases the duration of Vampire Sight. All Rights Reserved
Dual Casting Choices xylozi Edits the mana cost and effectiveness of dual casted spells. All Rights Reserved
Tougher Traps xylozi Increases the amount of damage traps do. All Rights Reserved
DE Necro DarkElf71 Retextured Necromancer's amulet to a more bone-like colour. All Rights Reserved
DESmileyPinkFemaleUnderwear DarkElf71 Retextured female underwear to pink underwear with a smiley face. All Rights Reserved
Equivalent Exchange - Simple Transmutation Nycimus This mod allows you to convert two ingots into one higher leveled one. More transmutes available with Arcane Smithing and Advanced Armors. All Rights Reserved
College of Winterhold Improved xylozi Overhaul of the College of Winterhold and the Archmage's Quarters to make it more useful to the player. All Rights Reserved
Hybrids Hires Plants and Herbs Retexture WIP mystikhybrid Work in process. High resolution plants and herbs textures. All Rights Reserved
Ebony Armor Effect - No More Smoke nickoli002 Removes the smoke but keeps the darkening effect of Ebony armor, to allow for combat/archery to be more effective. All Rights Reserved
Explozion818's Elven Pack Explozion818 Replaces all Elven weapons and armors for both males and females to be more vibrant. All Rights Reserved
Weightless Items wolferoo Makes alchemy ingredients, dragon parts, claw keys and food have zero weight. All Rights Reserved
Graphical Perk Planner AND in-game Perk/Stat Respec psychohammpster Helps you keep track of, plan, and even edit your perks with .bat files. Public Domain
Recipe: No Salt wolferoo Removes salt requirement from all recipes. All Rights Reserved
Crafting Materials Recipes Bundle wolferoo Adds a number of new recipes to appropriate crafting stations to allow for more ways of obtaining certain crafting materials. All Rights Reserved
Cooking Recipe Bundle wolferoo Includes new recipes for 5+ hour long buff food, short-term buff food, and candy; removes dependency on potions for non-alchemists. All Rights Reserved
Nude Males thegal Replaces all male models and textures with nude ones. No license needed
Bodyhair Male HD MysticBinary82 Body hair replacement for males. Includes multiple styles and variations. GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3)
Detailed Guard Shields and Banners Dragten Remakes the textures for the shields and guard banners of all cities with much higher resolutions. All Rights Reserved