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Mor Khazgur

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Mor Khazgur is an Orc stronghold located west of Solitude and north of Morthal. It also has an Orichalcum mine, an alchemy lab and a blacksmith forge with a grindstone.

Potatoes ×8, leeks ×11, and cabbages ×11 are grown here as well.



Larak's Longhouse[]

Larak's longhouse is the largest building in the stronghold. Strangely it only contains four beds, but eight Orcs actually have the key to the longhouse.

Mor Khazgur Mine

Mor Khazgur Cellar[]

The Mor Khazgur Cellar is found under Larak's Longhouse. It is accessed by a trap door behind the longhouse.

Mor Khazgur Mine[]

Mor Khazgur Mine is an Orcish orichalcum mine adjacent the stronghold. There are seven Orichalcum Ore Veins inside, also Orichalcum Ingot ×2, and Orichalcum Ore. Outside the mine is a smelter.

Items of Note[]