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The Morag Tong was an ancient, sanctioned guild of assassins headquartered in Morrowind that functioned as a social institution in Morrowind before the catastrophic volcanic eruptions that effectively destroyed the province. They were said to celebrate murder in the name of Mephala.

While outlawed by the Empire in any other province, the Morag Tong functioned quite legally in the homeland of the Dunmer, and was employed discreetly by the various ruling Houses during their many political maneuverings.

The Dark Brotherhood shares some organizational and arcane lineage with the Morag Tong, although the two did not associate after the schism that created the Brotherhood.

In The Elder Scrolls V: Dragonborn[]

The Morag Tong are once again active and can be distinguished by their signature armor. They are encountered in Ashfallow Citadel.