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Attack Type(s)
Magicka Spells
Morokei's Mask
Staff of Magnus

Morokei is a boss which must be defeated in order to advance the quest line for the College of Winterhold. The boss fight takes place in the last chamber of Labyrinthian. His corpse can be looted to obtain the Staff of Magnus. Also, his mask named "Morokei" can be looted. It is a light armor mask which buffs magicka regeneration.


Morokei might be one the most difficult of the dragon priests, likely due to the Staff of Magnus which he wields and the added benefits provided by his mask.

Use spells carefully!

  • He can use Conjuration against you by forcing summoned creatures to obey him.
  • Wildly casting spells will drain magicka. Trying to regenerate magicka is very difficult as he will keep draining your magicka.
  • Try casting cloak of armor spells prior to the fight.
  • Out number him. Morokei is only one dragon priest, so a follower or dog is essential here.
  • Another Mage follower is great as he will simply drain their magicka instead, but do not bring followers who specialize in Conjuration! They will keep summoning creatures and Morokei will keep controlling them.
  • Heavy hitting warriors will be able to end the fight fast as he has low armor.

Take advantage!

  • You're fighting in a large area, so a sneak attack would be a little easier.
  • The pillars can be used to avoid his staff.
  • There is some high ground available which is useful for archers.

Bonus info:

  • Morokei actually speaks to you.
  • He and Nahkriin are the only Priests not in a coffin.
  • Morokei is the only priest not to have a destruction-related staff.
  • His mask has the lowest armor of all the masks.
  • The staff has infinite charges in his hands.
  • Morokei may be one of the most powerful priests, as his very voice sucks your energy away.

There is a funny glitch where Morokei will walk out of his "bubble" and freely roam the area. He will ignore you, even if you stand in his way. He cannot be harmed, but should he return, you can proceed with killing him.