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Dark Brotherhood
Mourning Never Comes
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Contract: Kill Narfi
Contract: Kill Beitild
Contract: Kill Ennodius Papius
Quest Giver
Gold.png scaled to level
e.g. 100 Gold.png at L68
Muiri's Ring if you also kill Nilsine
Followed by
Whispers in the Dark
Quest Objectives


After you have completed the first three contracts for Nazir, he will direct you to speak with Astrid.

Speak with Astrid[]

Speaking with Astrid will reveal that a contract has been offered to the Brotherhood by Muiri and direct you to speak with her in Markarth.

Note: As with all major contracts it is not only interesting but also informative to speak with all other members of the Dark Brotherhood before going out to take on the task.

Talk to Muiri[]

Go to Markarth and find Muiri. She is at the Silver-Blood Inn in the evenings and works at The Hag's Cure during the day. She will relate her tale of woe and ask you to kill the man she blames for her misfortune, Alain Dufont. Additionally, she will ask you to kill Nilsine Shatter-Shield in a act of revenge for being shunned by the Shatter-Shield family.

She will also give you some Lotus Extract.

Note: Should Alain Dufont already be dead, Muiri neither will ask you to kill Nilsine nor unhand the Lotus Extract.

Kill Alain Dufont[]

Find Alain in the ruins of Raldbthar and kill him. Doing so will net you the mace Aegisbane.

Note: Should the Dragonborn have travelled far and wide before having joined the Dark Brotherhood, Alain Dufont could already be encountered. And since the latter will have attacked, he will already be dead. This very much shortens the contract.

Kill Nilsine Shatter-Shield[]

If you decide to kill Nilsine, go to Windhelm and find her. Killing Nilsine will cause two things to happen: her mother, Tova Shatter-Shield, will commit suicide and Muiri will become a marriage candidate.

Talk to Muiri[]

Report back to Muiri once the deed is done and collect your reward. If you opted to kill Nilsine, she will give you her ring as well.

Report back to Astrid[]

Report back to Astrid that the contract has been fulfilled.