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20, 40 or 50
Alduin's "Right-hand"
Dovahkiin's "Right-hand"
Attack Type(s)
Fire breath and Fire Ball

Odahviing is a Dragon that the player must trap in Dragonsreach, near the end of the main quest line. When captured at Dragonsreach, Odahviing negotiates with the Dragonborn for his freedom. He offers the Dragonborn his loyalty and services in battle, when possible, and he offers to fly the Dragonborn to Skuldafn, where the Dragonborn can enter Sovngarde and defeat Alduin.

After completing the Main Quest, Odhaviing can be summoned through the use of a shout, he will then fight for and protect the Dragonborn.

Notes[edit | edit source]

After this encounter, it is no longer possible to ask Odahviing to return to Skuldafn, so get everything that you want and make sure that you have everything before entering Sovngarde. Using Dragonrend proves effective only when you first encounter Odahviing at Dragonsreach, after that he may not be forced to land, nor will he attack if attacked, but the Dragonborn can kill him. All NPCs not assisting the Dragonborn are only able to knock Odahviing out.