Onmund's Request

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College of Winterhold
Onmund's Request
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Under Saarthal
Quest Giver
College of Winterhold
Random location (see list below)
Onmund's services as a follower
Onmund as a potential marriage candidate
Quest Objectives

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

While at the College of Winterhold, if the Dragonborn strikes up a conversation with classmate Onmund, after the events of Under Saarthal, the latter will reveal that he has traded away an important family heirloom to Enthir. He then asks for assistance in getting it back.

Speak with Enthir[edit | edit source]

Enthir can only be convinced to give back the amulet with a very high level of skill in Speechcraft. More often, the elf proposes a deal: retrieve a Grand Staff of Charming for him and he will return the amulet. Trying to pay off Enthir fails outright.

Find the staff for Enthir[edit | edit source]

The staff could be in any one of the following locations. Enthir will mark the appropriate one on the Dragonborn's map:

Deliver the staff to Enthir[edit | edit source]

Once the staff has been recovered, the Dragonborn can return to the college and give it Enthir who in turn gives the Dragonborn Onmund's Amulet.

Deliver the amulet to Onmund[edit | edit source]

The Dragonborn then can return the amulet to Onmund who confesses his surprise that the Dragonborn did not choose to keep the amulet.