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The people of the Wrothgarian and Dragontail Mountains, Orcish smiths are prized for their craftsmanship. Orc troops in Heavy Armor are among the finest in the Empire, and are fearsome when using their Berserker Rage.

— Game description
Orc race face compilation.

Orc face compilation

Orcs, also known as Orsimer, named after their homeland, Orsinium in Tamriel are one of ten playable races in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. While they have no passive racial ability, their berserker rage ability makes them worth it.

Orcs also do not need to complete a quest which grants Blood-Kin status (for example "The Forgemaster's Fingers" quest) to gain access to Orc strongholds.

The Orc race is also great as a type of headhunter build using maces and crossbows and the heavy armour tree.

Special Abilities[ | ]

Skill Bonuses[ | ]