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High Hrothgar
What is better - to be born good, or to overcome your evil nature through great effort?
~ Paarthurnax during the quest The Throat of the World

Paarthurnax is one of the last living dragons in the world, until the unexpected reappearance of Alduin and his resurrection of many of the dragons buried in mounds all over Skyrim. He lives atop the Throat of the World, just above High Hrothgar, and serves as the grandmaster of the Thu'um monks known as the Greybeards.

Paarthurnax is an ally of mankind and assisted in the rebellion of Men against Alduin in ancient days. He has also assisted Tiber Septim and the Greybeards since that time, just as he assists the Dragonborn in the present day.

However, before he came to the aid of Mankind, he had been an ally of Alduin, and apparently committed many atrocities in Alduin's name against Man and Mer during the ancient reign of the Dragon Cult. For this reason, the Blades, formerly a secret service under the Dragonborn Emperors and before that, a part of the Akaviri army dedicated to slaying all dragons, are determined to see him destroyed as a matter of ancient justice. They insist this penalty cannot be controverted.

As the leader of the Greybeards, Paarthurnax is the first friendly dragon the Dragonborn encounter. The first time you meet him is after the Greybeards teach you the Clear Skies shout. You will use that to climb the mountain and clear all the fog and wind. Once you ascend to the top, the Dragonborn may be surprised to find out that he is actually dragon and not a mortal.

He teaches you how to use the breath of fire shout and gives you an active effect depending on the shout chosen. He also can be killed but that is optional for continuing the quest given by Delphine.

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