Pain in the Necklace
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Required Items
33× East Empire Pendant
Quest Giver
Fethis Alor
Raven Rock
500 Gold.png per pendant
Quest Objectives


When talking to Fethis Alor about his goods he mentions that the East Empire Pendant used to be a real seller for him, until he ran out. Should the Dragonborn find these pendants anywhere on Solstheim he will gladly buy them.

Locate the east Empire Pendants for Fethis Alor in Raven Rock

The East Empire Pendants are always placed in East Empire Company Strongboxes so look out for them, e.g. most houses in Raven Rock feature such a strongbox.

Tip: In total there seem to be 33 such pendants, for a list of them see East Empire Pendant.

Once you have such a pendant, return to Fethis Alor with it, and collect the gold. This can be done as often as the Dragonborn likes.

Note: The quest cannot be completed (closed), even after collecting all 33 pendants and selling them.

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