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Pieces of the Past
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Quest Giver
Silus Vesuius
Mehrunes' Razor
Quest Objectives


You are invited to visit the Museum of the Mythic Dawn in Dawnstar. Silus Vesuius, who runs the museum out of his house, is interested in hiring you to retrieve several pieces of an artefact.

A Message From a Courier[]


A courier will deliver a Museum Pamphlet telling you that you are invited to visit the museum in Dawnstar. The letter reads:

Visit the Museum in Dawnstar[]

Silus Vesuius can be found outside his house in Dawnstar. Give him the Museum Pamphlet; he will tell you he is interested in hiring you for a job and will take you inside to see his display of the Cult of the Mythic Dawn.


The Mythic Dawn was a cult that toppled the Empire and had the fate of Tamriel in the palm of their hands. They worshipped Mehrunes Dagon, the Daedric Lord of Destruction, Change, and Ambition. As a follower, Silus' forefather assassinated Uriel Septim VII and helped discontinue his bloodline which lead to the events that triggered the Oblivion Crisis, the Daedra's invasion of Tamriel. Some time after the Oblivion Crisis, around 150 years ago, groups started popping up dedicated to destroy the remaining members of the Mythic Dawn. One of these groups found Mehrunes' Razor; also known as the Dagger of the Final Wounds, Bane of the Righteous, the Kingslayer; the artefact of Mehrunes Dagon. They broke it up in three fragments to separate them. Three families still hold the fragments: Drascua, Ghunzul, and Jorgen.
The descendants of the Mythic Dawn have hidden from their past yet have became tradesman, wealthy and influential. Silus sees this history as important and, wishing to preserve it, created this museum. All the remaining artefacts of the Mythic Dawn are contained in his museum except one - the antique dagger, Mehrunes' Razor.

Find the Three Fragments of Mehrunes' Razor[]

After perusing the exhibit, ask Silus Vesuius about the job offer and he will task you with collecting the remaining three fragments of Mehrunes' Razor.

Retrieve the Hilt[]

Jorgen has the hilt and can be found at the lumber mill in Morthal. His family has spent 8 generations hiding the fragment. He will pretend that he does not know what you're talking about but when pressed will tell you it is locked up in his house. If your Speechcraft is high enough you can persuade him or brawl him or bribe him to give you the key to his house. Alternatively you can pick the lock, break in and steal it. The hilt is in the named chest at the foot of the bed.

Retrieve the Blade Shards[]

Ghunzul has the shards in the Cracked Tusk Keep straight west of Falkreath. Take the road south-west of Falkreath towards the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary, but just before it, there is a small fork in the road. Take the left path headed into the hills. Continue on to when you see ruins guarded by Orc Hunters, as you are now at Cracked Tusk Keep. Enter through the main doors, you will find some potions & books and some beds on the floor. Ignore the wood door and take the stairs by the beds, continue on and through the doors on the other side of the table. Kill Ghunzul to loot his key. Now go back to that door we passed and head down toward the vault. Open the cells for loot and make your way toward the metal gate. This is a double lever lock so pull both and pass through; Careful of the traps! At the end are the blade shards on a pressure plated stand.

Retrieve the Pommel[]

Drascua has the pommel at Dead Crone Rock which is west and slightly south of Markarth.

At Dead Crone Rock enter the tower, the second floor has a chest and a passage. Fighting your way, take a right up the flight of spiral stairs with the fire at the base to a room with several doors. The iron door is shut and won't open. The wood door leads to a pathway outside, where there is a chest with a fantastic view, to loot and go back in. The open doorway leads to a room with a large table and on it an Arcane Enchanter. This room also has several potions and a chest; there is a trap in the alcove to the right of the room that blows fire. Take the Soul Gem to stop it. On the way to the next room there will be a fire trap on the floor. The next room has a cauldron with Soul Gems in it, the book A Game at Dinner, and a lever- pull the lever to open the iron door. Go back and enter through that now open path. Head onward up the stairs and then to the left. There you will come upon a door to Skyrim. Save and open the door. Up the tower's stairs, the second floor has chest, and then on to the top where the Hagraven Drascua will fight you. Defeat and loot her to get the pommel. At the top there are three fire traps like before. The altar has Soul Gems & a Stone of Barenziah. Close by are a chest and a word wall that will earn you a word for the shout Dismay.

Return the Three Fragments to Silus[]

Head back to Dawnstar to return the Mehrunes' Razor hilt, blades, and pommel to Silus Vesuius at his museum. In exchange he will give you 3,600 Gold.png (at L58). Silus has a fourth piece, a scabbard in a display case that can't be lockpicked in the museum. To rebuild all the pieces both the Dragonborn and Silus must travel to the Shrine of Mehrunes Dagon and contact the Lord of Change to restore them.

Restore the Mehrunes' Razor[]

Meet Silus at the Shrine of Mehrunes Dagon.

East of Morthal on a mountain top on the right side (when facing) of the Hall of the Vigilant that a Vigilant of Stendarr may have told you about there is a road, continue up this path marked with flags to the top of yet another mountain. At the stairs leading up to the fork, turn right to go up the large stairway. You will see a big statue carved into the rock; if you go over the mountain-pass you went too far. Save when you get there. You will find Silus at an altar, talk to him and he will begin the ritual.

Call on Mehrunes Dagon[]

Silus will try to call upon Dagon but he will not respond. You are then asked to summon Mehrunes Dagon. Activate the altar to speak. Dagon finds you worthy of a response, as he has been watching your task of retrieving the fragments. He finds you entertaining but heroic and worthy of being the owner of his dagger. But... he wants blood. He will ask you to kill Silus. Here, you can choose to kill Silus or let him live:

  • If you decide to let him live, he will give you a gold reward and attempt to run. But Mehrunes Dagon will summon two dremora and will most likely kill him and try to kill you.
  • If you decide to kill him, place your hands on the altar and Mehrunes Dagon will give you Mehrunes' Razor to once again bring forth havoc to Tamriel in his name. Suprise! For his amusement he will spawn two Dremora (the level of the dremora depends on the Dragonborn's level). Loot: Daedra Hearts, Key to Mehrunes' Shrine (shrine is behind altar), and magic weapon(s).

Shrine of Mehrunes Dagon[]

Inside the Shrine of Mehrunes Dagon are two Dremora (the level of dremora depends on the level of the Dragonborn). Lots of loot, three chests, one open chest of gold ingots, two magic armour pieces, two more refined moonstone, three Ebony Ingots, and a plus a copy of Catalogue of Armor Enchantments.

Note: South-west from the Shrine of Mehrunes Dagon is a word wall at Skyborn Altar with a word for the shout Frost Breath.


  • Mehrunes' Razor was shattered after the Oblivion Crisis, in an attempt to remove any influence Dagon had over Nirn.
  • Silus was a member of an elite family that was shamed once it joined the Mythic Dawn in the Third Era. Instead of trying to hide his past, he flaunts it in an attempt to hide the embarrassment.

Items of Note[]