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Newheader left.png Disambig.png This article is about the Clan Volkihar version of the quest. For the Dawnguard version, see Prophet (Hunters). Newheader right.png

Prerequisite The Bloodstone Chalice
Required Items {{{req_items}}}
Type Faction

Clan Volkihar

Quest Giver Garan Marethi
Location Dragon Bridge
Forebears' Holdout
Alt Rewards
Required Level
Followed by Chasing Echoes
Seeking Disclosure
ID DLC1VQ03Vampire
Quest Objectives

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

After having filled the chalice in The Bloodstone Chalice and having returned to the castle, Garan Marethi directs the Dragonborn to Lord Harkon.

Speak to Harkon[edit | edit source]

Visit him in his chambers.

Listen to Harkon's speech[edit | edit source]

He plans to end "the sun's tyranny" over the vampires using a prophecy found in the Elder Scrolls. But only a specially trained Moth Priest can read them.

Locate a Moth Priest[edit | edit source]

So such a priest must be located first.

Ask carriage drivers about the Moth Priest (Optional)[edit | edit source]

There are several possible paths of inquiry. One path is to ask the carriage drivers located outside most of the larger cities in Skyrim. E.g. try the one at the Windhelm Stables. The carriage driver may require some persuasion or 837 Gold.png though to spill the beans.

Ask innkeepers in cities about the Moth Priest (Optional)[edit | edit source]

Alternately, asking around for a Moth Priest recently seen by innkeepers should also help track one down.

Interestingly, asking the innkeeper Dagur at the The Frozen Hearth in Winderhold may unearth a rumour of a mage who can cure vampirism, launching the quest Rising at Dawn.

Visit the College of Winterhold to ask about the Moth Priest (Optional)[edit | edit source]

Or, as suggested by Serana, ask around at the College of Winterhold.

Speak to the innkeeper in Solitude[edit | edit source]

Another rumour may lead to Solitude, where the Moth Priest seems to have stayed at The Winking Skeever inn. Ask the innkeeper about this.

Ask people in Dragon Bridge if they saw the Moth Priest[edit | edit source]

Any one of the methods will finally direct the Dragonborn to Dragon Bridge, were a quick chat with the boy, Clinton, reveals that the heavily guarded Moth Priest actually did pass through the small town on a carriage, leaving in south-ward direction.

Search along the road south of Dragon Bridge[edit | edit source]

Heading south the Dragonborn soon comes to the scene of an overturned carriage, where a fight seems to have taken place between Imperial guards and vampires.

Investigate the scene of the attack[edit | edit source]

This may well have been the wagon the Moth Priest used to travel. On closer inspection one of the dead vampires carries an interesting Vampire's Note.

Read the Vampire's Note[edit | edit source]

Reading the note uncovers that another group of vampires has kidnapped the priest and has taken him to their lair in Forebears' Holdout.

Note: This location will not be unlocked on the map yet, since it only appears in this quest.

Capture the Moth Priest[edit | edit source]

Entering the Forebears' Holdout, defeat the Dawnguards and an Armored Frost Troll. Apparently Vanik has enthralled the priest, so he must be defeated first. Then take the Weystone Focus from Vanik's body to unlock the Weystone Source field and thus free the captive priest.

Defeat the enthralled Moth Priest[edit | edit source]

The enthralled Moth Priest immediately attacks and must be beaten into submission.

Use your Vampire's Seduction power on the Moth Priest[edit | edit source]

Using Vampire Seduction on the priest calms him down, then feed on him to turn him into the Dragonborn's thrall. The name of the priest is Dexion Evicus.

Command the Moth Priest to go to Volkihar Castle[edit | edit source]

Then command him to travel to Castle Volkihar. He will immediately comply, after the Dragonborn explains how to get to the castle.

Report your success to Harkon[edit | edit source]

Return to Castle Volkihar and report on successfully completing the mission.

Command the Moth Priest to read the Elder Scroll[edit | edit source]

Give the priest the Elder Scroll (Sun) (from Serana) and make him read it.

Speak to Harkon[edit | edit source]

As it turns out there are two more scrolls that need to be found, one Elder Scroll (Blood) is in the possession of Serana's mother and Harkon's wife Valerica, the other Elder Scroll (Blood) may already be in the Dragonborn's possession.

Thus begins the hunt for the other scrolls in Chasing Echoes and Seeking Disclosure.