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Proving Honor
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Take up Arms
One Companion Radiant Quest completed
Dustman's Cairn
A Skyforge Steel Weapon,
Word for the Fire Breath shout
Quest Objectives


The Dragonborn has shown some promise so far, but now needs to show that work with other Companions can be entrusted.

Speak to Skjor[]

Skjor is usually sitting around the table in the main hall of Jorrvaskr during the day, at night he will be down in the Living Quarters.

He will tell the Dragonborn that a wandering scholar has provided a lead to a Fragment of Wuuthrad. He will then tell you to speak to Farkas who will be accompanying you on this journey.

Speak to Farkas[]

Farkas will tell you that he is to be your Shield Brother on this test and ask you to meet him at Dustman's Cairn.

Note: A follower accompanying the Dragonborn will be discharged, only the Dragonborn and Farkas will enter the cairn.

Retrieve the fragment[]

Head to Dustman's Cairn and Farkas will be waiting for you outside. Just head into the dungeon. In the first room you come to, there is a skill book on the table that raises your Two-handed skill.

Keep going deeper into the dungeon and taking care of the Draugr that attack until you come to a large circular room with two exits. Go through the exit that leads into a small room with an Arcane Enchanter and look around for a lever. Pull the lever and sit tight as Farkas turns into a werewolf deals with the Silver Hand ambushers. Once he is done, he will go find a lever to free you. Speak to him about what happened if you wish.

Continue on through the dungeon fighting off more Draugr and Silver Hand until you reach the entrance to Dustman's Crypt. Enter and you will be attacked by a bunch of Silver Hand. Keep going through the Crypt until you reach a locked door that requires a key. Search through the chests nearby until you find a Dustman's Cairn Key and head through the locked door.

Go through the dungeon killing anything that moves until you reach a large burial chamber. There is an altar at the top with potions and soul gems and a word wall for the shout Fire Breath behind it.

The Fragment of Wuuthrad you are looking for is on the altar. The moment you pick it up the draugr (×19) start coming out of the surrounding coffins. You should fight them off (in about three waves).

Tip: Sit on the fragment table, sneak, take out a powerful bow and high damage arrows, pick up the fragment, face towards the coffins, to then pick off the draugrs with one-shot-kills, one by one. They may actually not be able to locate the Dragonborn for some time.

Return to Jorrvaskr[]

After you are out of the dungeon. Fast travel back to Whiterun and head to Jorrvaskr. Vilkas will be waiting for you and leads you round to the back of Jorrvaskr for your initiation ceremony. Kodlak Whitemane will take the fragment, and tells the Dragonborn to pick up a better weapon from Eorlund Gray-Mane.

The rewarded weapon from Eorlund can be a Skyforge Steel sword, dagger, battleaxe, greatsword or war axe.