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The Psijic Order is an elite order of mages that is famed throughout Tamriel as counsellors of royalty and teachers of the arcane arts. Though their reputation has been declining of late, being reduced to mere legends in the eyes of the Tamriel mages. There are few who still believe that the Order exists, and fewer still that have actually met a member. They are avowed enemies of the Thalmor.

The Order in Skyrim[]

A member of the Order, Quaranir, appears at the College of Winterhold after the Dragonborn triggered an alarm while exploring the depths of Saarthal. The Quaranir warns the Dragonborn of the dangers that the Eye of Magnus (discovered in Saarthal) presents to the college and Winterhold.

After defeating Ancano, three members of the Order appear up to teleport the Eye away for safekeeping, but not before declaring the Dragonborn the new Arch-Mage of the college.

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