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Purity of Revenge
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Blood's Honor
Quest Giver
Driftshade Refuge
Followed by
Glory of the Dead
Quest Objectives

After the attack on Jorrvaskr by the Silver Hand, killing Kodlak, the Circle is out for revenge. On this mission Vilkas will replace any follower.


Retrieve the fragments of Wuuthrad[]

Travel to Driftshade Refuge with Vilkas. Dispatch the two sentries outside, one at the door and one on the roof. Once they are dead, just head inside the refuge. Continue down some stairs until you come to a door that leads to a large lobby.

Note: This mission is a good, though at times possibly not easy, opportunity for the Dragonborn to use the new werewolf powers, and earn a few Werewolf Perks while at it.

There will be two Silver Hand members patrolling the area immediately in front of you. When they are down, head towards the exit on the left side of the stairs (the door ahead is barred as it is the shortcut out).

Go down the stairs again. There will be a locked door to your left that you can pick (adept) if you want to. Inside there will be a Silver Hand woman sleeping so kill her and loot the room.

Note: In werewolf form the Dragonborn will not be able to pick locks, so must bypass this room. Interestingly, the optional bonus mission to wipe out the Silver Hand may very well succeed even if the sleeping woman is ignored.

Onward, then pull the lever to the right side of the bars to open it. Go forward to enter Driftshade Cellar.

Go past a small room and into a bigger one with three Silver Hand members in it. The one to the far left is an archer. At the back of this room, there is a book on the shelf that will increase your Light Armor skill. Go into the ice cave and you will come to an area with two cages that you can pick (apprentice). One contains a dead horse, the other a werewolf that will attack you when released.

Go through the rest of the ice cave until you reach a torture chamber. Head through more chambers until reaching the exit to get back to the "far side" of the Driftshade Refuge.

Head up the stairs to your left and open the door. Careful though, inside this room there are 3 Silver Hand, one of which is an archer and the other a boss that can take quite a bit of punishment. Once he is dealt with, pick up the Fragments of Wuuthrad from the table and any loot you want.

(Optional) Wipe out the Silver Hand[]

If you picked the lock and killed the sleeping Silver Hand, you should also have completed the optional objective. Exit the dungeon and head back to Jorrvaskr.

Return to Jorrvaskr[]

When you enter Whiterun, this quest should complete and you will immediately start the quest Glory of the Dead.


  • There is a known glitch where this quest will conflict with the quest from the Jarl of Winterhold to retrieve the Helm of Winterhold. Having that quest active will not let this one start.